Listening To The Waves

"in fact, when my mother was pregnant with me, the nurse said that since hearing loss was so far back in my family... "

"I received my first implant when I was 21 months old. My parents said that deciding on a cochlear implant was..."

"Some people may think that if you have a hearing loss or 'disability', you are not important or may be overlooked in life..." "live your dreams... dream big!"

Welcome to my website!  I am very happy to say that my first book has been published! I hope you enjoy reading it. 
Listening to the Waves is the first book written by Regan Brady, a bilateral cochlear implant recipient. Regan tells from her perspective what daily life is like growing up with her hearing loss and cochlear implants.  This upbeat look at life through a child's eyes is a "must read" for a parent of a hearing impaired child, one who is considering cochlear implants for their child or anyone who needs a bit of inspiration. Regan shares details of her daily life including her accomplishments, goals and struggles. This anything-is-possible approach to life is sure to motivate anyone to live their dreams and is an invaluable resource to parents and professionals alike!
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